Linda’s Mini Chop on Transitioning Hair!

How do you perform a mini chop on transitioning hair you may ask? It’s pretty simple if you have a good pair of shears lying around.  If you’re new to my posts and don’t know what’s going on, I am transitioning to natura hair! I decided to do a mini chop to my transitioning hair on December 10th. I feel like a little weight has been lifted and I get to experience more of my natural hair that is growing beneath.


Why don’t I just do the “Big Chop”?

The reason behind this is because I decided to slowly transition 8 months ago by carefully snipping of my relaxed ends till they are all gone. I hope to achieve no more relaxed hair by my 23 birthday! I am very excited and wanted to share with all of you my recent mini chop to show you how far I’ve come along! I also wanted to present these pictures to show that INDEED I want to be natural one day and that I am not just saying it.  As you can tell my hair in the back grows slower than the rest of my hair, but I don’t mind at all. My natural hair is growing evenly, it’s the relaxed that’s not.

1209105454 1209105433

Above we have the before my mini chop pics where you can see more of how much hair I now have! The growth is impressive! I decided to bring my hair down some and get closer to my natural locks by snipping some dead ends and relaxed hair off in the process…

1210111602 1210113528 1210115156

As you can see I snipped off a good 3 to 4 inches of hair off. The reason this was easy for me was simply due to the fact that I don’t like the relaxed hair anymore. As I snipped it I laughed and looked at how much my natural hair has grown:) I began to see the most amazing thing when I did the back side…

1210105520 1210112534

My HAIR!!!

On the top picture there’s still a few inches that need to be cut, but it’s almost there!! On the bottom picture I finally got a glimpse of my natural locks without relaxed ends and I loved it!! The left back side of my hair is relaxer free (beside a few strings of relaxed hair I forgot to snip off), the picture on the top has a little more to go but growing quickly. It frows up into a cute afro like texture that I just can’t keep my hands off lol! I’m liking this hair a lot and it holds styles much better than my relaxed hair would.

1210111433 1210111602

It may not seem like a lot of hair to you, but to me it’s a good amount I chopped off.  I also noticed my bangs are relaxer free too! Slowly and little by little the relaxed hair is becoming a thing of the past and I’m glad. I’ve grown and learned so much and the journey doesn’t stop now! Because my goal of reaching waist length hair is going to be possible, and when I look back at these pictures remembering my journey, you’ll be right there with me!! I obviously know this is not going to happen overnight, but am enjoying every second of it.

Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below! Thank you!

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  • Tiajonay

    Love your website and good luck on your journey!

    • Linda De La Cruz

      Thank you Tiajonay. I’m fairly new to blogging as well as transitioning so this means allot to me. <3

  • Tanay Howard

    Im transitioning as well and mini-chopping soon! Good luck continuining your journey!

    • Linda De La Cruz

      Thank you, that’s great for you!! And thanks, it’s a long journey but worth it lol!

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