Linda’s Length Check on Natural Hair!


Hooray, it’s Linda’s length check on natural hair!!

Hi everyone! I decided to do length checks again now that I’m natural! It’s been four months since my final chop and my hair has been sprouting! I length check my hair every 3 months now that it’s fully natural and no longer in the transitioning phase.

I believe everyone’s hair grows at its own pace, it just takes patience and getting to know your hair.

If I see my hair was at the top of my nose and now it’s at the bottom, then I must be doing something right!


3 months of hair growth:16d3fc79-9e44-46ce-ae3c-7048cec8863cwallpaper

I have seen so much improvement in my hairs texture and growth. Whereas before, my hair was always stuck at my shoulders or just a little bit below. Now my hair is actually growing near armpit length! dd54ebcb-5bd4-44db-af36-2a9c6d62e1e6wallpaper

What are my goals?

To reach bra strap length by 2016 and waist length before or by 2018. My hair journey began last year in April, it’s been one year so far and I’m already impressed that my hair can grow this much this fast. It is also summer, which means faster hair growth.

I also have a goal to retain as much length as possible, which I seem to be doing great at already!

One of my other goals is to learn new styles with each length my hair grows. I will be putting videos up very soon of my hair and how I style it. I am nervous about it since I’m new at hair videos, but I’m100% sure they will help many people out there!

Realistically, I am very happy with my hairs current length. I will one day reach the bra strap length hair I had when I was a kid, that I killed with improper care and heat as a teen. I learned my lesson and now know how to take better care of my hair. I will continue to de length checks on natural hair every 3 to 4 months, just to track if I’m doing a good job in caring for my hair. Length retention is super important to me.

Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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