Transitioning to Natural, Linda’s Hair Update!

I began my hair journey several months ago.  I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect when I started transitioning to natural after my 22nd birthday. I actually thought my hair was close to 3c, WRONG lol more like 4a with cute zig zags and curls in it:) i love my hair, some days are hectic but after looking at my relaxed ends when they are wet, makes me glad I’m transitioning, so limp and dead yuck. I may transition till I get to a comfortable length to cut. My hair has grown just near 7 inches! I can tell from the roots how much it’s grown and the huge difference from the relaxed hair. Continue with me on my journey transitioning to natural.

On one hand… you have limp, dead, and dry ends.

On the other hand… you have hair that is full in volume and life! My hair! And seeing the difference between the two really made me think, what was so nice about that hair? I have nothing against relaxers, but preferred to stop chemically processing my hair. To see the limpness and brittleness of my relaxed hair ends, makes me happy I’m transitioning to natural!


Relaxed hair…

is like dead hair, it’s limp, and…dead. Dead hair is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but on me, It’s too flat. I need volume in my hair, which is why I’m growing it out!

Ahhh!!:( Relaxer days…

wet and gel0308152655


Funny I actually thought that those cute waves was my actual hair when wet, nope! It was the relaxed hair lol, always shoulder length which I was sick and tired of! And no my eyes are not gray those are contacts haha I wish (but at least I can see right)!!

Huge difference!! Transitioning to natural! thumbs up!

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Things are coming along…

My hair is definitely coming along lovely! It’s so pretty when I step out of the shower. It’s easy to notice the stringy ends in my hair. My hair is like a mini frow under all the relaxed and dead ends! I got excited! I can’t wait till I can finally cut my ends but I don’t have the guts to yet, and HEY! that’s ok! You don’t have to cut your hair or big chop just because everyone else is! And YES, my root color is different from the rest of my hair. I thought it’d be cute to dye red but, (shaking my head) you can only see it in the light. Luckily I found a solution for that, it’s very easy.

Onion shampoo potion…

Is guaranteed to give you back your natural hair color back to it’s original state. It worked well for me trust me. Back in 2011 I died my hair black (shaking my head) yes I know, bad (well for me at least). I dyed my hair twice now in my whole life!! I only did it to flatten my then relaxed hair to match my half wigs hahaha.

For Potion…

All you need to do is pour about 2-3 ounces of shampoo into an empty water bottle, put in a handful of chopped onions (I used white) and let it sit somewhere for 1 month. When that month comes ladies, wash your hair with it!

248550_10150261210883619_2922976_n 254338_10150261210773619_1176617_n

My dye literally started coming out all over the bathtub I was shocked. Above on the left hand side is my hair dye, to the left is my natural brunette color which explains my sons natural 3b type chestnut curls I adore to comb. I was using that potion for hair growth but discovered something amazing it did. There I was standing in the shower looking down at my feet and seeing nothing but blackish brown dye wash from my hair. When I stepped out of the shower, pretty brunette again.


Who said it’d be easy??!

Whoever said the transitioning process would be easy is a lie -_-. It is not easy and I struggled many days waking up in the morning with tattered hair. The longer it’s getting the harder it’s getting to manage. But with good patience and hair care practice, anyone can do it. Looking at so many inspirational YouTube videos of young and older women who are transitioning, I look back at when I started and I’ve come a long way. I’m proud of myself for all I’ve accomplished with my hair (length) in such little time! I’m also proud for not giving up on my hair, it’s beautiful and I love it, I can’t wait to continue this journey and eventually when I’m ready, chop all my relaxed ends to be fully natural. Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!


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