Lindas Final Chop And Fully Natural Now!


I finally did it!! Lindas final chop and fully natural now! I am 100 percent natural and proud!! After 11 months of transitioning, I had enough of those nasty stick ends and chopped it off in my bathroom (evenly lol). I’m going to give you the inside scoop on how I feel, how I did it and how I look now, + lots of pics!:D Nothing but the best for my think like Linda fans! You’ve all been here with me for this journey which I thank you for your support, and now it’s finally complete! This is the start of something new! Continue with me on my journey! The transitioning phase is over and the natural fro has taken over! I feel proud and very daring, like I can do anything (a bit over dramatic) lol. All the questions will be answered below after you review my process, lots of pics!!cfcdfddd



Here is my process!

How was I to start though I thought? Simple, by taking it one step at a time. This picture was before I chopped lol, and wondering how I would do it! Hence my expression.


The first step:

I began by doing my 4a Natural Hair Regimen that I have been doing for a while now. It’s a mixture that I do once a week to strengthen my hair and deep condition it. My hair I have discovered is 3C/4A though:)! This is how it looks after I have applied it.



Step 2:

I then section my hair using my butterfly clamps, and bag my head and deep condition for 45 minutes. Haha, cheesing you already know lol.




Step 3:

Rinse my hair out! These are the results, makes it much easier to see the stick ends now.



Step 4:

Get my products ready. I already rinsed the clips off and am ready to use them on my clean head of hair. Getting excited!!! Check out my shears, pretty nifty huh? I have my spray conditioner mix ready too!



Step 5:

I separated my hair into sections of 7-8 clips. I only have so many clips so I started with the front, then went to the back and separated my hair again dividing it into sections like the front.



Step 6:

I started with a small section, and slowly with my fingers separated my hair till I cut all the straight ends off one by one. That was just 4 sections of hair that was cut off, there was a lot more lol.



The whole process took me 3 hours, but I felt so fulfilled when I completed it! More pics below!

DSCN0644DSCN0645DSCN0648 DSCN0643


Why did I decide to do it now instead of April?


I figured now would be the best time considering I’m giving birth next month to baby number two! I want to give my little guy all the attention he deserves, so decided March would be the best time to chop chop chop lol.

How do I feel now that I went through with it?

I feel great! I feel free! And I finally feel like me after 22 years. I know it’s bad but I can’t quit touching it lol. It’s so soft and puffy I love it!

What texture is it?

Now that I see my natural hair, I realize the texture is a mix of 3C/4A hair! It’s curly but has kinks to it too! Best of both worlds lol.

How did I do it?

With a pair of shears and a lot of courage! It was a bit more difficult than I thought and I had to cut a lot more than I thought I would. But all the straight hair had to go! Every time I thought I didn’t have to cut anymore, I saw the stick ends laying blankly and you guessed it, chopped it off lol.


To wrap it up…

That’s all there is to it folks! I will be experimenting with tons of different hairstyles now, I can’t wait! Any questions or comments, ask Linda below, thank you!!

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