Length Check On My Son’s 3a Curly Hair!


Hey Linda fans, here I am bringing you length check on my son’s 3a curly hair! I am very impressed with how long his hair has grown; it is amazing to see that much growth in a little 4 year old son who had his first haircut at home two years ago! It’s amazing how fast hair can grow in 2 years. I’ve always known his hair was going to get long, but I didn’t think the length would be this much in such short time!


He turned 4 in March, but everywhere we go people gaze at his beautiful curls and length. I am often told “What a beautiful little girl”… She is actually a he with beautiful hair. HE’S dressed in boy clothes and HE is a handsome little boy. He’s my little Fabio lol. Then I receive the occasional, “Oh I’m so sorry” with a smile. I let it go and smile back, life’s too short to be angry anyway.

DSCN1535 DSCN1540


The care routine…

Is the same way I’ve always cared for it. You can check it out right here:

 My son’s long 3A curly hair Routine



1. How do I deal with the length?

Easy!  His curls bounce on his shoulders, so it’s pretty easy to deal with the length.  I often bun it or tie it in a low ponytail. When stretched it reaches hip length though, shrinkage is an amazing thing!


2. What gel do I use to slick it back?

Olive Eco styler gel of course! I have not used a gel that was so gentle yet great for hair. It smells good too!


3. How often to wash?

To avoid split ends and over drying of his hair, I simply wash it once to twice a week and condition it well. He uses most of my products so it’s pretty easy to keep up with it.


Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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    thank you!! And that’s great good luck on your baby boy’s journey:)!