Inspiring Natural Hair Journey Videos!

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Hi everyone! I know in my last post I declared that I would not be writing notes under the videos for a little, but I couldn’t resist! These  inspiring natural hair journey videos were just too hard NOT to write about! These ladies have come a long way and teach us all that patience and dedication do pay off!




For my first pick I chose missnaturalvogue because she inspired me to never give up and to always believe in yourself. Even with her big chop she was so beautiful!



2. My Natural Hair Journey by NaturallyQuinn

I loved the way Quinn tells her natural hair journey story in a poem. She tells her story of the struggles of being a model and how she was lead to believe that weave was her true beauty. Quinn sets free from weave and straight hair and lets her beautiful natural come out!



3. My Natural Hair Journey!

Naptural85 gave me so much strength when I performed my final chop and was left with a small fro. Just like the video above she tells a story with her pictures, pretty funny story teller too! I can’t believe how beautiful her journey was! You will see more videos of her after you watch this one to currently see her length now, it’s insane (good insane) and keeps me very motivated!



4. Mae’s 4 Year Natural Hair Journey

Mae’s cute afro was just too beautiful for words, reminded me of mine! She shows us her 4 year journey and beautiful it was! It’s amazing how our hair can sprout so beautifully yet, still be gorgeous at a big chop length!


To wrap it up…

These were just my personal picks, I know there are many more beautiful natural stories, but these touched my heart in a special place because they reminded me of the struggles I went through. I transitioned during a pregnancy and it wasn’t easy. Yet, here I am today at 2 years and and 2 months natural, I’ve come a long way! Questions or comments, feel free to write Linda below, I’m always here for you.

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