How To Manage Transitioning Hair

How To Manage Transitioning Hair


See that word in all caps, Manage, you must manage  transitioning hair if you want it to look good. Today i’m going to give you a few tips on how to manage transitioning hair.

I never stopped taking care of my hair but I did stop doing hairstyles for a while, HEY I got lazy!! But now I’m back at it. Remember to moisturize, finger comb or wide comb, and deep condition your hair. I love deep conditioning because it makes my hair and scalp so shiny! Don’t abuse it though, you could end up with over fragile hair that breaks easily. To start managing transitioning hair (your adorable kinks growing beneath the relaxed growth) it’s important to remember these things.


Never ever EVER comb hair dry if it’s tangled.

It’s better to just apply new growth softener or a conditioner on for 15 to 20 minutes, then detangle when you wash it out. Trust me, if you detangle dry you can begin to lose a lot of hair with all the pulling and stressing your hair out. Hey, if your lucky you may even end up with some bald patches! Why not?! Just kidding, just treat your hair nice.


Quit messing with it everyday!!

Try protective styles, they are much more helpful and are guaranteed to keep your hands out of your hair for a good 3 to 4 days. Depends on what protective style you use. If you do box braids, your hair can be free from hassle for a month or 2 with proper care. Try to change up your hair routine a bit more. If you find your edges in the front thinning, maybe you’re overdoing a protective style. Try something new every week, try inventing ideas!


Eco styler gel is amazing!

I love eco styler gel! It’s the only gel that has ever made my hair tame!! I’ve used countless gels and mousse not even realizing that it was the wrong type of product for my hair! Sad isn’t it? However, now that I’ve educated myself about my hair, I now know what’s poison to my hair and what’s a miracle.


Don’t underestimate the power of a good brush!

The right amount of water, gel, or grease with a good brush, can create miracle looks! Seriously! You’d be amazed at what a good brush can do to your hair. If you’re looking for sleek, try finding one that is soft yet firm so it can properly slick your edges. A bristle Brush is ideal for this, it really helps you to achieve that sleek professional look. It’s not a good idea to try to achieve this look every day though, you can start to experience thinning edges which is a pain.


Headbands and bobby pins!

Create a look that will turn heads! Try doing Bantu knots, release them in the morning, then slick your hair into an updo towards the middle and pin with plenty of bobby pins! This s a great tutorial on YouTube I found and her hair looks fantastic I love this look. Of course, my hair is not at that length so it’s going to look different but still cute! Try it out!

Her username is StyledbyKami and she has great hair style ideas, I love her channel!


 To wrap it up…

Managing your transitioning hair is actually not that difficult when you give your hair time, patience, and dedication. It is more work being natural, but it’s worth it when you see how quickly your hair grows and how nice it stays with certain hair styles compared to relaxers. Air drying your hair is beneficial and healthier than using heat. Try to see more time to care for your locks, it’ll really make a difference. I’ve noticed that since I started my transitioning my hair journey it has grown a lot faster than it has in previous years! I guess the constant heat and every 3 month relaxer was really keeping my hair shoulder length all the time and it now reaches armpit length! Amazing growth!

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