How To Deal With Uneven Hair Growth?

How To Deal With Uneven Hair

So.. How To Deal With Uneven Hair Growth?

My hair has been known to grow uneven all my life, what they heck! Who knows why but for some reason my left side grows faster than my right side. And the back middle part of my head is shorter than the sides!

It’s very frustrating when you straighten your hair for that one week you want to check the length then realize, my hair is so uneven but I just cut it even two months ago! What do you do about that? Here are some steps to tame uneven hair while it’s straightened! The best thing to do is to let it grow out then let the rest catch up.

1. Wear a fashionable net!

I never had a clue how these would look on me till I went to sally’s with my sister. She treated me to one of these which I was skeptical about and let me just say… GLAD I GAVE IT A CHANCE! I’ve been wearing it since Saturday!! I love this thing it frames my face nicely, and even though green doesn’t match everything, in my lucky case it does! I happen to be a huge neon green fan and most of my things match this forest green net hat. I love the way you can’t tell you’re wearing it, it’s truly comfortable!

2. Roll your hair in!



This is a great idea! in my country the Dominican Republic, when you leave the salon they do these things called, anchovitas, to your chair. Basically loops. They clip it and when you release your hair when you get home, the unevenness is tamed by beautifully bouncy curves! It even has more movement! This will distract your uneven growth until it catches up to the sides.

3. Pin it to the side.

Rihanna - How to Deal With Uneven Hair

When one side is simply longer than the other I simply pin it to one side! It sounds silly but makes the uneven growth unnoticeable. It’s similar to this look except you don’t have to shave the other half of your head. I gotta admit, it looks really nice on Rihanna though:D I haven’t taken a picture of mine yet, but this is so you’ll have an idea of what it looks like, well sort of lol.

To wrap it up…

Figuring out how to deal with uneven hair growth is a pain in the rear but chill out! There are ways to deal with it, This list was made for ways to wear your hair down, if you don’t want it down just tie it in a nice ponytail and you’ll be set. But the purpose of this post is to help those who wish to wear there hair loose. They are truly a miracle worker and my favorite one so far is the new net hat. It’s stylish, cute, and comfortable!

Questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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