How To Achieve Longer Hair in Shorter Time!

How To Achieve Longer Hair in Shorter Time

How To Achieve Longer Hair in Shorter Time

How to grow long and healthy hair in shorter time…

1. Drink plenty of water

My goal everyday is to drink two 33 oz smart water’s a day. That’s a total of 66 oz of water! This is what I do. I fill an empty smart water bottle up every night from the fridge water. I freeze it, wake up in the morning and I run it under hot water for 1 minute to start the melting process. And there I can enjoy ice cold water every day! I fill it up twice in a day.

2.    Take vitamins!

pn vit


fish  pills_thumb[3]

I’m taking prenatal and biotin and fish oil pills now. I finished the other pills I began taking and will refill soon. A multivitamin is so important for our, skin, and nails. Vitamins help ensure good health from the inside therefore promoting stronger and healthier hair. The ones pictured are the ones I use:)

3. Don’t over manipulate your hair!


Over styling, overheating, pulling and tugging hair seeing it fall to the ground is a sure way to not retain length! If you want to accumulate and see growth then try to find a routine that your hair responds to. Listen to your hair and really see what is working or what isn’t working. Maybe you’re washing it too much or too little, one thing is for sure: anything leading to breakage means, you’re doing something wrong.

4. Find a product that works for you…

rihefra baba de caracol treatment combo-Optimized

My product hunt is over as the reason why? I found extra organic coconut; almond, castor, and jojoba oil have become my best friends! For my body and hair they are true miracle workers. I use them all for the greenhouse effect ( routine that I just began to do yesterday night July 21st. Baba de Caracol products are my best friends, I love the deep conditioner.

5.    Exercise to stimulate scalp circulation

images (1)

When you eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water, you’re body begins to sprout! You’re skin becomes clearer, you’re hair becomes longer and healthier, and your body becomes fit! Even if it’s jogging around your neighborhood, any way that you can fit working out in your week, you’ll notice a difference.

To wrap it up…

There are multiple ways even thousands of ways for hair to grow. I’m still learning as I go on my transitioning to natural long hair journey. There are ups and downs and you feel you just might give up, but just go back and look at inspirational videos of hair journeys. Everybody’s hair is not the same and growth may take a little longer or less to achieve. Mine luckily has an extreme growth rate. I’ve achieved and retained four inches in four moths! Hair does grow when you care for your body and you will see these results after changing your routine. I checked my length again and I’m definitely seeing growth! Patience is the key to success, Happy growing! Any comments or questions feel free to ask Linda below!

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  • autumn

    what about folic acid?

  • Linda De La Cruz

    The prenatal vitamins I take contain 800 MCG of Folic Acid and is 100% of ones daily recommended value :) Folic Acid is one of the biggest factors with faster growing hair.

  • Linda De La Cruz

    The prenatal vitamins I take contain 800 mcg of Folic Acid and is the biggest factor in my rapid hair growth. :) Thanks for asking