Hair Straightening Gone Wrong: Relaxer Days


A long time ago, in 2009, something horrible happened to me. The worst part is I did it to myself! I bring you my hair straightening gone wrong: relaxer days! I come today with a story that I am not proud of, but of course like I’ve said in many posts, Linda’s not perfect. Get ready for this stomach turning horror story, sweet nightmares hahaha!


Long ago in 2009 (Senior fun day), this was me. Yes, my hair was terribly damaged!


I straightened my hair nearly every day, resulting in my burnt out bangs as you can see in this fully blown up picture of my busted locks. All around the front edges, it was charred and short (keep reading to find out why). I began relaxing my own hair at age 18 doing a pretty good job I may say so myself (my mom used to relax my hair).

My straightener became my enemy without even realizing the damage I was doing to myself. I cringe now at the thought of straightening my bangs and curling the bottom with the straightener almost every day for school!


Then… one day…it happened.No not this ridiculous outfit ( hey I was a kid!), my hair…brace yourselves thinklikelinda fans, I love all of you which is why i’m showing you this picture below of my charred bangs, horrifying! I don’t know what was scarier, the fact that I went to school dressed like this or that my bangs were no longer there and the fact that I was still brave enough to walk around like this! My ends were limp, my hair was breaking, my bangs were charred, sigh ahh good old high school days!



Yes, I was in the middle of straightening my hair when for some reason, I smelled burning! Yes, I knew what caused the burning smell! Maybe the fact that I pressed my bangs like 10 times on high heat didn’t help! Trying to get my hair as DEAD as possible, bad idea. I looked in the mirror and was in complete horror at what I saw…



What was I to do???!!

I cut it off!!

There is no way to revive dead and burned hair. If there is a way, please, Tell me lol. There’s just no way. It’s like trying to revive a dried up rose garden, good luck haha.


Ugh it smelled awful and left me without a patch of hair. Because of this, I had to wear two headbands (like the one above) on graduation day (2 weeks away) and everyday to cover up the spot that I had chopped.

However, stupidly, I continued to straighten my hair. I thought I was being careful…but I wasn’t. My hair was mistreated and in need of attention. It grew back and I continued relaxing my hair.


However, my hair still wasn’t looking nice. At age 21, I stopped relaxing my hair. My boyfriend, who convinced me as well as me being sick of creamy crack. I also wanted to find myself and was tired of hiding behind wigs. He told me how beautiful my hair would be natural, and asked me why not give it a shot and assured me he would be supportive (he still is). He started up my blog 2 years ago and here I am today! And he was right (pic below current hair 2015)!

Those who relax their hair can have healthy journeys, I’ve seen videos on it. However, in my situation, I abused my hair, paid for it, and was going to be bald by this time of year if I kept straightening the way I was. I don’t know about you, but I ain’t changing this fro. I cringe looking at my 18 year old hair pics, ugh, no way!



To wrap it up…

This hair straightening gone wrong story is why I learned how to straighten my hair better, but I was sick of the length always being the same! Neck length and touching my shoulders just a little. I love this hair and length so much now, armpit length!!! And for the first time in my life, I feel like myself! Any questions or hilarious hair straightening stories, please write below, thank you!

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  • Yum Yucky

    I remember the days of the hot comb heated up on the stove. Make me
    cringe just thinking about it. My hair is relaxed, but I only use heat
    one time every 4-6 weeks. The braid out style works very nicely on my
    hair. My last relaxer was about 3 months ago and I plan on going at
    least another 2 months before getting another one. I’m finally caring
    for my hair under my own (healthy) terms. It’s very liberating. Thanks
    for sharing your story, Linda!

    • Linda De La Cruz

      I can’t believe I missed this comment I truly apologize!! That is very inspiring and very responsible of you to wait between straightening as well as caring for your hair! I cringe too reading my own story and thinking about that straightener lol Happy relaxed journey and I’m so glad you enjoyed my story! Braid outs are very nice on relaxed hair too I agree, and hooray for you stretching your relaxers!:)