Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel Review!


Hi everyone! Let me just start by saying…I LOVE this Gel!! Never have I had any gel EVER hold my hair like this perfectly. I hope you enjoy my eco styler olive oil styling gel review!

When I first began my natural hair journey, I was very unsure of what type of gel to use and had no knowledge at all of how to use it on natural hair. I began my transitioning to natural journey last year in April after my 22nd birthday. I began researching and searching hair videos on YouTube, and it just seemed that everyone had this gel! Lol, literally, every other video I clicked on showed me how transitioners and naturals achieved flawless hair results using the eco styler olive oil gel.

Here is my afro, pretty big right!?

You won’t believe what the eco styler gel does to it…




Tada! Behold this miracle gel in action!

DSCN1487 DSCN1486


Slick and perfect:)!

That’s when I decided to try it…and was AMAZED! No gel had ever held my hair so perfectly. Even now being a full blown natural, the eco styler olive oil gel  holds my 3c/4a hair rather impressively! It holds my sons 3A hair very well too (he’s 4), giving his curls body and bounce. This was water and eco styler gel everyone!


No flakes…No Mess…Smooth finish…Great Smelling gel!!

I could go on and on about how much I love this gel… I use it with my very popular high puff hair routine. It literally lays my edges down better than a relaxer! People have come up to me and asked, “How is you sleek your hair so perfectly?” I simply tell them, it’s my eco styler olive oil gelJ. I’ve got many people using it, and they are really happy with it! It lasts a long time and is very inexpensive to purchase. My eco styler olive gel is the best purchase I have invested on for my natural hair.




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  • Mblessed7

    Hi Linda, you are so right about this gel..I’m a huge fan of the Eco Style Olive Oil gel. This gel has been a big part of my staple regimen since I’ve transitioned to natural. Like you started in your blog how it sleeks and hold your hair, and yeah that’s what I love so much about it “THIS GEL IS AWESOME!!. As of right now I have three 32oz jars my hubby purchased from Sally’s some months back for a good sale price. Thank you sooo much for your review and have a great day.
    Mattie aka Mblessed7

    • Linda De La Cruz

      Thanks so much for responding I loved your comment!That’s awesome that you have three jars of it, sweet of your hubby, it’s never bad to have a lot stocked up lol! It truly is an awesome gel:) And you’re very welcome have a great day too!

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