Combating Natural Hair Shrinkage


Combating natural hair shrinkage is not always the simplest task when it comes to mind, but we have to start somewhere right? I have a lot of new growth it’s amazing! It’s actually taken over my hair, the straight stick ends are barely there! There are awesome hairstyles that can help you achieve almost any look by morning! I’ve discovered these 5 that seriously help me stretch out the tight coils that are blooming beautifully.

1. Pineapple method

2. Bantu Knots

3. Flat twist outs

4. Braid outs

5. Rod sets

With each of these hairstyles you create, you achieve…

1. Volume

2. A beautiful Hairstyle

3. Combating Shrinkage!

My hair can shrink , and when I mean SHRINK, I mean shrink lol. I had no idea how knotted my hair could get if I didn’t do something to it the day I washed my hair.

I literally spent 30 minutes detangling all over again in the morning lol. It was pretty tangled.


I have created a mixture of conditioner, almond oil, castor oil, aloe oil, and jojoba oil. I add water and the products are amazing together. I just mix it in my spray bottle, and spray it liberally! I get smooth, soft, manageable hair for styling. When hair is not hydrated properly it tends to give you a dry itchy scalp, but with this hydration trick, my scalp stays un-itchy lol.

To wrap it up…

These hairstyles are fun, easy, and great in combating shrinkage for natural hair. Rod sets are fun and easy to do. I’m used to doing rollers because in my relaxed days, I would dry my hair under heat with a roller set. Now I don’t use heat when curling my hair and I love it! Shrinkage can be fun some days, but other times, it’s nice to stretch out your hair a bit. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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