Biggest Misconceptions About Natural Hair

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I’ve been hearing many bizarre things about natural hair and decided to share some of them with you. The list below are the craziest things I’ve ever heard that really had me thinking that all of these have got to be some of the biggest misconceptions about natural hair, and here they are!


1. It doesn’t grow

This was the main reason I never wanted to go natural!! It’s so funny when I think about it. I always thought by becoming natural, my hair wouldn’t grow at all and it would be too tangled to grow. Little did I know how wrong I was…my hair is way longer than it was at 18 and so much healthier!

2. Less work and maintenance

If I had a dime for every time I heard, “Your hair looks so beautiful like that; I imagine it’s less work for you.” Even if it’s in a fro state, it still took work to get the look just right! Natural doesn’t not mean less work and maintenance; it needs proper care to grow like a thriving garden.

3. It is strong and unbreakable

Yeah right! Natural hair can snap easier than a branch from a tree. It’s very dry which means it’s very sensitive and is to be taken with extreme caution. Beware tugging through with a small tooth comb and a basic brush or breakage will occur. This is why many naturals can’t grow their hair past their shoulders, deranging methods all wrong!

4. You can’t put a comb through it

This is not true! I always thought it was but a comb indeed can go through. As long as it’s a wide tooth comb or finger detangling, this hair can get very manageable and become untangled quite easily when using the right conditioner and products.

5. Little versatility

Please! This hair can do so much! From afros, twist ups, forward hairstyles, braidouts, you name it! What can’t natural hair do? It goes from cute kinky curls to straight and sleek, it’s crazy (good crazy lol)! There are millions of videos on YouTube naturals doing many styles and tutorials, check them out!

6. It’s unattractive and nappy

Natural hair is so dry, nappy, tangled and unattractive, WRONG! Many people still are trying their best to understand my hair and accept it for what it is, beautiful and natural. “Why don’t you do something to it, it’s just puffy all the time.” (Scoffs) really? Yes I’ve heard this (not from boyfriend!) and all I can say is, it’s my hair and I style it when I want! It’s very attractive and definitely gets me noticed quicker in a crowd!

7. It’s dirty and unhealthy

Yeah right, again! Just because it looks dry or sticking everywhere, does not mean it’s dirty. My boyfriend loves the smell of my hair and I wash it once a week not daily! It doesn’t stink, get flaky, or do any of the things it did when it was relaxed. It certainly is not unhealthy either. Natural hair when treated right and is properly cared for, can really go to serious measures to surprise you!


To wrap it up…


I hope you enjoyed my list, have you heard any misconceptions about natural hair? If you did let Linda know below!

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