Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pressed Hair

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pressed Hair

Pressed hair can be really pretty and time saving, but there is a downside to this sleek hairstyle. It doesn’t matter what your hair texture is, we all suffer from frizz every once in a while even if your hair is naturally straight. I have yet to meet someone with a sleek and perfect commercial type hair, I’m not saying it isn’t possible but we have to be realistic lol. These are my thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of pressed hair but remember, everything is temporary!


Disadvantage of Pressed Hair

1. The rain is not a friend

Rain rain go away! Every time I have straightened my hair, it rains or it’s all gloomy and cloudy out. But it always seemed to look like a nice day when I got started! Make sure to go out with a shower cap in your purse or grocery bag to put on your head. Florida has especially unpredictable weather.’-_-

2. Accidental burning your hair if over straightened

I burned my bangs all through out high school. I never quite learned that the burning smokey smell, was actually a cry for help until I saw pieces of burned hair. I should have avoided repressing my hair so much but I wanted to look nice for school.

3. Extra night time attention

At times wrapping hair and putting it up for the night result in either two things. 1. You sweat through the night (like me) and your hair is messed up and humid in the morning. 2. The wrapping comes off and you’re hair is messed up anyways. It’s always good to properly wrap your hair when it’s pressed. If you tie it too tight it may result in unwanted waves so, watch out. I’d prefer to straighten my hair near the fall and winter, because the style lasts a LOT longer.


Advantages of Pressed Hair

4. Constant compliments/Advantage

It’s nice to get the occasional, “Wow your hair is so pretty”, but after a while you get used to it and it’s not that special anymore. This is why I try to avoid flattening my hair too much. I’ll wait a month or 2 in between, and when I do it and I get compliments, I feel special again. Even when my hair is in heatless natural hairstyles, I still get compliments on my hair.

5. Less hair trouble/Advantage

No longer have to worry about what I will do with my hair the next day, because it’s already straight! I just release, comb, and go.

6. You can see your length/Advantage

It feels good to know that all that uneven hair growth grew together and is lined evenly. It’s easier to see how long your hair is when it’s pressed down straight.


To wrap it up…

Straightening your hair is a choice you can make yourself that has both advantage and disadvantages. You can either be against it, or for it, I respect either decision. I agree that we can do it sometimes once in a while to change our look or to see how far your hair is coming along. I do not recommend it on the daily basis though. If you like straight hair, try a wig, anyone can wear it and fool people. They’re are human hair wigs that you can get if you want that long straight or wavy length hair already. Any questions or comments?  Feel free to ask Linda below!


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