5 Benefits Of Wearing A Sleeping Cap For Bedtime!


The benefits of wearing a sleeping cap vary in many ways! I have three sleeping silk sleeping caps that I adore, they truly are lifesavers. They can be used in so many different reasons that you wouldn’t believe how amazing this little cap is! I’ve set a mini list of 5 reasons why they can help you:

1. Protects hairstyles

Any hairstyle you do is bound to look good in the morning after wearing a sleeping cap. I learned the hard way that going to bed with a cap on trying to be cute, will result in horrible morning hair! I wear my sleeping cap every night to keep any style I chose for the week fresh and beautiful!

2. Helps prevent split ends

Are you currently looking for a way to prevent split ends? Try one of these babies on! This will minimize hair friction and therefore promote longer hair!

3. Reduces hair friction

Like reason number two on this list, this helps to prevent split ends by minimizing friction! When your hair is constantly rubbing on pillows and bed sheets, you are slowly causing hair breakage! OH NO!!! This means more hair trimmings and less length retention.

4. Helps retain length

Do you want to see your hair slowly grow beautifully long? Then this is a major benefit of wearing a sleeping cap! I am definitely retaining length and it is because of the caps. I believe helping retain length is  very important, especially if your on a long hair natural journey like me!

5. Reduces dryness

If you expect your hair to remain moisturized without a sleeping cap… you need to think again lol. These hats are incredible at your hair staying moisturized throughout the night. Remember, when your hair is not rubbing on those cotton sheets, you experience way less dryness.


To wrap it up…

Sleeping caps are so beneficial to use at night! Along with protecting you hair, preventing split ends, reducing hair friction, retaining length, and reducing dryness, you get to keep your hair healthy! It’s not like I’m being over dramatic right? (maybe a little). I just love my sleeping caps and couldn’t see myself sleeping without them at night, and they’re comfortable! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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