5 Benefits of Argan Oil For Hair, Skin & Nails


Hello Linda fans! Considering using Argan oil? I have 5 benefits of Argan oil that will have you under this wonderful oils spell! ! This stuff is a miracle worker for all sorts of problems. I really believe that it has changed the way I moisturize. Combining this and Shea butter creates a smooth, easy, moisturizer for just about…well everything! Hair, nails, skin, you name it, and you can use it! It is one of the best natural anti-aging moisturizers out there.


1. Skin Hydration

Containing vitamin E and known for being rich in fatty acids, this oil goes on a whole other level to hydrate your skin. Apply from head to toe and you will be in forever bliss of this oil, it truly softens skin.

2. Hair

Want silkier, shiner, healthier hair? Give Argan oil a try! It has been known to be a wonderful hair conditioner (I can agree from experience), and keeping your hair sleek and shiny.

3. Nail Treatment

Have dry, brittle and cracked nails, you got it…try Argan oil! It even has a great scent! Just a few drops are all you need for your nails and cuticles before you go to sleep each night. You will wake up with very soft, beautiful and strong nails after just a few uses!

4. Hands and Feet Rejuvenation

This oil has been known to work on dry and cracked skin on feet and hands. It is so powerful that just a few drops, like I mentioned before, go a long way. Massage into feet and hands each night for the ultimate natural skin healer.

5. Dry Skin moisturizer

In the cold weather, dry skin is common. It even occurs here in Florida too! I get very dry skin when winter comes, but using this oil on my skin has made all the difference.

To wrap it up…

Try giving something new a chance! Usual rituals aren’t working? Maybe a bit of Argan oil can help you achieve this. What have you got to lose? Any questions or comments, Ask Linda below, thank you!

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