10 Heatless Hairstyles for Natural Hair

let frow with headband

Do ever get tired of dealing with heatless hairstyles for natural hair? Give your hair a break!! Especially during the summer, sigh, I mean you flatten it for what?? It’s going to sweat and your hair is going to return back to original form.

If like me you’re on a limited or no heatless growth journey, I’ve created a list of ten styles you can do for natural hair to continue allowing it to grow as well as no heat damage. I research hairstyles nonstop on natural hair and tried some of them with a few twist of my own creations.


1.Tie up Bantu knots in cute ponytail with bangs


I did the Bantu knots last night and let me just say it came out shorter than I’d expected lol, but then I thought, hey, let me tie it up and add a headband! And the hairdo actually worked out pretty well after all. Although, it did take me a while to get to sleep lol; Tie up Bantu knots in cute ponytail and let bangs hang, two words. TOO CUTE! I love this style, I added a string headband in the front and I love it, this look suits anyone with short medium length hair.


2. 8 Braids leave them in overnight; let them go in the morning, instant curly hair!


As for the 8 separate braids in the hair at night, it turned out awesome when I did it two nights ago! I took them out in the morning carefully separating the waves and was in awe of my hairstyle.


3.Ponytail with 4 cornrows in front

cornrows ponytail1

I love doing the ponytail with 4 cornrows (2 on each side) hairstyle because it’s simple and fun. You simply fluff up your hair to give it an edge look and you’ll be ready for any awesome day! That’s my son by the way, haha he’s gotten so big now.


4.Cornrows under, wig on top!

cornrows underwig on top

Cornrows which I do from time to time (once a month or twice) a total of 6 to 8 braids on my head which sometimes I’ll place a wig over it. It hides every single hair strand so when you place the wig over it, there’s no one who can tell that’s not your hair lol. This wig cost me about 17 dollars and I loved it! I added a pair of sugar grey contacts with the look to spice it up lol. This was back in February this year of my wig days, huge difference right! Anything that requires little manipulation of the hair is indeed a protective style, yes, wigs included. As long as you take them off at night and wash your hair at least twice a week to remove the buildup, you can avoid the (something died on my scalp smell).


5.Hair tied down with air-dried bangs(favorite)

hair tied bangs loose1hair tied part2

When I step out of the shower I let my hair dry naturally a little, then when my hair is damp, I either put gel in it (first pic) or let it dry naturally and let the front hang it looks cute. Ughhh don’t forget to apply the vomit lol, gotta love my niece nana lol!


6.Let it frow with or without a headband

let it frow 2let frow with headband

Now there’s nothing better than letting it frow with a headband ladies; that is the ultimate wash and go hairstyle. Don’t add anything but a little lite grease when your starts to dry up, put on a headband while hair is still in drying mode and viola, you’re ready to go!

The last one is a wig lol, it’s the only pic I could find with a headband, but it’s a cute wig!! Lol




Twists I still haven’t done yet but have seen tutorials and they are so cute, I love them. It requires more work but gives you longer results by what I can see. I believe the two strand braids are the ones that everyone does the most, you can pick any size you’d like to do them.


8.Wet and gel!

wet and gelwet and gel2

Tada wet and gel is awesome, I do it in the shower. It’s the easiest hairstyle and anyone can do it. It just requires a gel of your choice, mine is ECOCO Eco Style Gel, and I love how it has olive oil in it. It works awesome even though the smell takes some getting used to.


9. Flat Twists in front and let back loose





Cute and quick this is a hairstyle I discovered that is quick and easy! You simply part and twist the front of your hair, and you let the back loose. It is the ultimate on the go hairstyle and takes hardly any of your time!


10.  Curlformers



This style is unique and I haven’t purchase them yet but with about 50 of these you can create this hairstyle. They are easy to use based on the tutorials iv’e viewed on YouTube. This is an overnight style, you put them on at night, let them out in the morning, and you’ve then got a head full of curls!


These are the hairstyles I use when I want a quick or overnight style or just using no heat. You can borrow these ideas, play with it, and add some of your own creative twists to it. Whatever looks best on you, OWN IT!

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