5 Minute Hairstyles for Natural Hair!

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Hey everyone! Looking for quick 5 minute hairstyles for natural hair? I’ve got plenty right here for those pesky hair days. Did you get an invite out to eat, or just a hang out day with your friend but your hair isn’t behaving? Linda has the solution for you…


 1. The high puff

This look is super easy! Water and gel go a  long way! My high puff lasts me all day and at times even 4 days when I protect it properly at night. I usually tie a durag around it to keep it primped and pretty:)


2. Medium puff

I do this style a lot after an old twist out. It’s really easy and works the same as a high puff. The main difference is how far you tie your string. the tighter you do it, the tighter the puff. For this look I rocked it loose with little gel.


3. Fro Hawk (no that’s not me lol, but her hair is styling!)

The fro hawk is by far the most popular natural hairstyle I’ve seen. Countless naturals do this look, and I can see why! It gives you an edgy look and makes you look daring, yet, sweet.


4. Forward high puff

This look I actually did by mistake lol. Yes, I was experimenting in doing a high puff and got this! I didn’t even know it was a look at all, but I rocked it with a pair of earrings and loved it! I do the forward high puff at least once every two weeks or so.



5. BONUS: Cute half updo!

Yeaaaaah Loving this! I’ve begun rocking this hairstyle more due to it’s simplicity! I have a 5 month old son and there are times I don’t have time to style my hair, but it doesn’t matter because this look is it for me:)

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To wrap it up…


These styles are achievable with gel, water, and a good bristle brush. Just be careful not to overuse the bristle brush or brush too hard. I get these looks in 5 minutes or less, then i’m on the go! Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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  • http://www.yumyucky.com YumYucky

    I have relaxed hair but my daughter went natural about a year ago. Her hair has grown remarkably fast but she’s struggling with style ideas. These are great!

    • http://thinklikelinda.com/ Linda De La Cruz

      Thank you so much for your comment , I’m so glad that these hairstyles can help your daughter out :D!