3 Ways to Gain Natural hair Confidence


Do you feel shy to let your natural out?

Well I’ve brewed up 3 ways to gain natural hair confidence. Have I got your attention yet? Say this out loud to yourself first: I have no such thing as bad hair days. Humidity, I accept and welcome you, whenever it’s not a flat iron hair style week which is like never lol. See, to me, there’s no such thing as bad hair days anymore, I accept my hair 100%. You see, the word bad hair is not in my vocabulary no matter who looks at and judges my hair. The first step to eliminating bad hair days is to tell yourself…


1. Bad hair days do not exist

Why is it we learn to label hair as bad? Upbringing? Society? The reasons are endless. All I know is that I think have amazing hair and it can do so many different styles. The only way I truly learned that was by going natural. Of course, going natural is not what I did, I simply returned to who I was before.

2. Finding the right style

There are multiple styles that you have to experiment with in order to find a style that works best for you. Stop doing styles that your hair has no care in cooperating with lol! Trust me, there are even styles that can work for you without you even realizing. The key is take lots of pictures, that’s what I do. Then I can see what style I rock the best! Of course, I love every style I wear

3. Don’t compare your hair to other naturals!

It doesn’t matter if we transitioned or big chopped, we all imagine those beautiful curls springing everywhere….sometimes that’s not the case lol. I believe all natural hair is beautiful, any texture, length or color. I love my natural locks, although I have to admit, I never in a million years would’ve imagine the awesome hair I have :). I love how it looks wet, dry, styled, fro, anything I just love it!


To wrap it up… 

Find products, hair styles, even colors that work for you so you can gain natural hair confidence. Live and love your hair whether it’s short, long, 1a-4c it doesn’t matter, it’s what you have. You are amazing and don’t forget that. Bad hair days for naturals just doesn’t exist for me! Any questions or comments feel free to Ask Linda below, thank you!

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