3 Things to Know Before Straightening Natural Hair!


Yay!! So how long have you been natural, 6 months, a year, 3 years??! Either way it’s still exciting to see our ringlets lengthen and lengthen. For those anticipating straightening hair for the first time, I’ve linked a few sites below that have great information over what products to get and safety precautions too! Before sticking that iron or hot comb to your natural locks, check out my list below of 3 things to know before straightening natural hair!

 1. Research, a lot!

Don’t exceed 450 degrees unless you want crisped hair. Many sites recommend doing lower than that just to be safe. All hair is different and each texture has its setting when it comes to heat. Be very careful and make sure to where a heat protectant to protect your hair! Check out the links below that will help guide you on hair straightening!

Links to help with straightening natural hair:






I just purchased ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer and finally the Aveda smooth infusion style-prep smoother to beat humidity and to avoid frizz! I can’t wait to see my results!

 2. Do a test run! Get the right products!

After you finished your blow out or other method to stretch your hair before straightening, make sure you do a test run first!? If you’re asking what a test run is, keep reading because it will help you immensely!


~ Grab a small amount of hair from the back or front of your head, and straighten in with a comb in front of the straightener no more than 2 times( I recommend watching a few videos to familiarize yourself or get a professional to do it for you). Now, tie the rest of your hair up and leave that peace down for the whole day. See if you humidity strikes it or easy frizzing occurs. That will let you know that if you straighten your whole head, you know what the outcome will be and can opt for a different product to tame that frizz!

3. Don’t rush it

Beauty takes time and if you just can’t sit through straightening your hair for the time it takes (1-3 hours depending on length) then have someone with experience and that you trust do it. There are also plenty of hair salons that would be happy to help you with your natural hair without chemically trying to process it like most places around me lol (which is why I do my own hair). Ask around your fellow naturalists in your community to see if someone can recommend any good natural hair salons for you.


 To wrap it up…

Straightening your natural hair for the first time is an exciting process, but there are many things to look out for before pressing those locks. Make sure to read this checklist anytime you feel unsure of what to do for straightening your hair and check out the links above too. Happy and safe straightening! Any questions, ask Linda below or share some of your straightening experiences, I’d love to hear about them!

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