About Linda

This is Linda’s world where all topics are discussed and answers are discovered through me, Linda! Do you want to know about everything you can possibly learn from hair care to natural products and more!?  I’ve got it all From relationships to toddlers with bad tantrums I’ve got the answers!


A little about me…

I’m 22 years old with a passion for music, fashion, hair, school and more with is what I will be blogging about. Have you ever wanted to grow your hair long but simply can’t? I can possibly find a solution that will promote and speed up healthy hair growth. What about those stretch marks, are you tired of them too?!


More about me…

I am currently in University pursuing a Bachelor in science of health care administration. I have an adorable three year old son, a wonderful boyfriend who has a beautiful 8 year old little girl. I am lucky to have found them and I’m glad they found me! I love to sing and write my own music on the piano since I was about 10 years old, but I first discovered the piano at 5 years old under my tree one Christmas. I still work on music which my boyfriend helps me record and better myself with the help of his best friend who produces beats!


What do I research…?

I find myself researching music, hair, stretchmarks, relationships everything and I learn so much! In this blog you’ll find a chunk of everything. All the things you find yourself asking, I ask myself them too! I constantly ponder hair, skin care, reducing dark marks (which I’ve accomplished) and reducing stretch marks (halfway there). This is why I began writing for both all of you and myself. There are so many expensive products that are sold out there that aren’t even natural, don’t make a change to you, and are a waste of your time.



Everything has a purpose and everyone has a purpose in life. From straight hair, to course hair and everything in between I’ve got the answers. My son has beautiful fine curly hair and I had to learn how to care for it since my hair is a different texture. I learned how and can share with you how right here!  I have inexpensive solutions that are guaranteed to work better and will show fast results!

Welcome friends welcome all to my world where all your answers will be solved! Come into Linda’s world and come, think like Linda!